Eye Exam

The majority of eye conditions don’t have any obvious
early symptoms – that’s why it’s so important to see
your optician once a year.



If it’s great looking eyewear you’re after you’re in
for a treat at Direct Vision Opticians. To find out more
about our collections of frames.



We’ve been looking after eyes in Levenshulme and Chorlton
for over 15 years now. To find out more about our practice,
click here.


Red Eye Service

Are your eyes red? No matter what the cause, our optical experts are on hand to help straight away.

Direct Cataract Referral

If you’ve been diagnosed with a cataract, we’re here to save you trips back and forth to your GP for pre and post-operative checks.

Glaucoma Scheme

At Direct Vision Opticians we have the facilities and expertise to monitor pressure in the eye, so you won’t have to travel to hospital for specialist tests.

Visit the practice that offers routine check-ups AND specialist clinics

When it comes to the health of your eyes, you want to find an opticians you can trust don’t you? You want a highly skilled team of professionals equipped to deal with a whole host of problems so that you can rest assured your eyes are in the very best hands. That is exactly what you will find at Direct Vision Opticians.

Because we are an independent practice we are able to dedicate as much time as we need to ensuring our patients’ eyes are as healthy as possible

Asam Khan Owner and Optician

Free lifetime aftercare

If you’ve bought a pair of glasses from us, we’ll look after them just as well as we look after you. Should you ever need any minor repairs or adjustments, just pop into practice and we’ll get your specs looking like new, completely free of charge.

100% satisfaction guarantee

We want you to be completely delighted with your new glasses. However, if you’re not, for whatever reason, we’ll do everything in our power to put it right for you.

As well as offering 30 minute appointments, eye examinations for children and hundreds of frames to choose from, at Direct Vision Opticians we also provide a number of specialist clinics so that our patients don’t have to travel to their GP or local hospital to receive the care they need. These clinics include a walk-in red eye service, direct cataract referral service and a glaucoma scheme.

Asam takes care of each patient and provides thorough examination. Lovely personality and would recommend to anyone looking for a great optician in Manchester.
A small practice with very high level of customer care. Cannot stress enough how impressed my wife and I have been with the service and care we have received. Never have we had such a thorough and comprehensive eye test. They managed unlike other places to find out ...
As a regular customer of direct vision I'd have to say that they offer a pretty much perfect service which is centred very much on the customer! Excellent service and treatment... Staff are great and ready to take the extra mile.. Definitely recommended.

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