Failure to protect your eyes from the sun could result in short or long-term problems

dv-0152As you are probably already aware, the sun emits harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays – that’s why you protect your skin when it’s hot. However, did you know that those same rays can cause both short and long-term problems to your eyes if they’re not protected too? That’s why sunglasses are so important.

Photokeratitis is a short term condition that affects the eyes when they have been exposed to the sun. Despite only being a short-term problem however, photokeratitis can be extremely unpleasant with symptoms including pain, sensitivity to light, a gritty sensation and blurred vision.

If your eyes are continually exposed to the sun over a number of years, you are at risk of developing a long-term eye condition such as macular degeneration (the loss of central vision) or cataracts (the clouding of the lens in the eye). While a cataract can be removed with a surgical procedure, unfortunately macular degeneration causes irreversible vision loss.

Today, choosing a pair of sunglasses is as much about style as it is about protecting your eyes. For that reason, here at Direct Vision Opticians we supply a wide range of sunspecs offering 100% UVA and UVB protecting, including designs by the world renowned brands Ray-Ban and Oakley.

Please note: It is important to remember that children also require sunglasses as they tend to spend lots of time outdoors, especially in the warmer weather.

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