We can monitor patients with glaucoma thanks to our specialist equipment

Glaucoma Glaucoma is one of the most common eye conditions experienced in the UK today. It is developed by one person in every hundred people aged forty or over, a statistic which rises to five in every hundred people aged eighty and over. People of African, Afro-Caribbean or Asian heritage are more likely to develop glaucoma, as are people who have a history of glaucoma in their family and those suffering from diabetes.

The truth, however, is that glaucoma can affect anyone at any time in their life. Glaucoma is caused by an obstruction in the draining system of your eye, which causes the fluid inside your eye to build up. This in turn creates pressure in your eye, which can lead to your optic nerve becoming irreparably damaged. If this happens, it will almost certainly result in some sight loss, and in extreme cases can cause blindness.

It’s therefore incredibly important that your eyes are regularly tested for symptoms of glaucoma, which involves checking the pressure within each eye. If your eye pressure is a cause for concern, at most opticians this usually means a referral to hospital for further examination. At Direct Vision Opticians, however, we have invested in the technology to allow your follow-up test to be carried out in practice, saving you the time and inconvenience of attending a hospital appointment.

CL PAGETo diagnose glaucoma, we use a Goldmann Tonometer – the same piece of equipment that is used in hospitals throughout the UK. You will receive a nationally recognised examination considered the best possible method of detecting glaucoma all from the convenience of our practice. Please note that in cases where a patient’s eye pressure is particularly high, we will still need to refer you to hospital, but the likelihood of this happening is considerably reduced.

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