Look forward to trying contact lenses completely free of charge

Did you know that advancements in contact lenses means that today, there are even more options available to you than ever before. That means even if you’ve been told you’re unsuitable to wear contact lenses in the past, there may be an option for you now too.

As well as offering freedom from glasses, contact lenses have been proven to slow down the progress of short-sightedness, especially in children

Asam Khan Owner & Optician

CL PAGEWhether you’ve worn contact lenses before, fancy trying a new brand or you’re simply a little apprehensive about them, at Direct Vision Opticians we not only supply a wide variety of options, we also offer FREE trials. That means you make an educated decision about changing your eyewear, without it costing you a penny.

When looked after correctly, contact lenses provide crystal clear vision without the need for glasses. This makes them an extremely popular – and safer – alternative for keen sportsmen and women. They’re also a great choice for youngsters who are conscious about wearing glasses to school.

Some of the contact lenses we supply at Direct Vision Opticians include:

Disposable lenses that can be worn daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly

Hard gas permeable lenses

Soft lenses

Toric lenses (typically used to correct astigmatism)

Extended wear lenses that can be worn overnight

Lenses which offer UV protection

Cosmetic lenses to tint or completely change the colour of your eyes

Bifocal and multifocal options

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