Our cataract referral service means you won’t have to travel back and forth to the hospital

If you’ve been diagnosed with a cataract – the clouding of the lens of the eye – then you will most likely require surgery to correct your vision. Whilst this is a relatively straightforward procedure, it can involve a number of trips back and forth to the hospital both pre and post-surgery. That’s where our direct cataract referral service can help.

Instead of having to visit your GP to receive your pre-operative checks and information, you are invited to come and see one of our fully qualified opticians who each have a wealth of experience working with cataract patients.

When you come to see us your suitability for surgery will be fully assessed. The procedure will be discussed with you in great detail, highlighting both the pros and cons to the treatment, and you will able to ask any questions you have. Additionally, our friendly experts are more than happy to perform further testing – in some cases involving dilation of the eyes – should you require it.

Finally, once you have received your operation you will be required to attend follow-up appointments to ensure your eyes are healing nicely. Again, instead of having to wait for the hospital to contact you and try and fit you in, you will be able to come back and see us at a time that suits you.

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