Suffering from red eyes? Our walk-in service is designed to save you a trip to the doctor

When it comes to the eyes there are a number of reasons that can cause them to become red or bloodshot; these include a scratch, infection and even environmental factors such as air conditioning. However, no matter what it is that is causing irregular colour in your eyes, our walk-in service is here to CL PAGEhelp.

If your eyes become red, understandably you want them to be treated as soon as possible don’t you? That’s why here at Direct Vision Opticians we offer a Red Eye Service, created to save you the time and hassle of having to visit your GP or a pharmacist to treat your eyes. And who better to offer expert advice than a fully qualified optician?

If you ever need to take advantage of our walk-in service, you can rest assured you will receive the same warm welcome and high levels of care you would expect from a booked appointment. Your eyes will be thoroughly assessed by an experienced optician and if required, antibiotics can be prescribed for you.

What is the red eye scheme?

This is a free service available to all patients who are aged 12+ and registered with an NHS GP in Manchester. The service is provided by accredited Opticians with the specialist knowledge and skills to carry out this work at a local optometry practice.

Eyeconditions that can be treated by the red eye scheme include:

– Red eye/s or eyelids
– Significant recent discharge from or watering ofthe eye
– Irritation or inflammation of the eye/s or lids
– Stye – Infection at the edge of the eyelid
– Tear dysfunction – dry eyes

If you are ever unsure whether your symptoms qualify for treatment under the red eye scheme, please contact a member of our friendly team.

Are you new to Direct Vision Opticians ?

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